Mägelalinna Castle

A Repurposed Lighthouse

What was once a beacon of light from merchants is now a safe-heaven for everyone. Seek shelter here when the Vakner come. Man the walls and hurls your spears, in our waters, their blood shall spill!
— Lembi Nilsohn
  Mägelalinna is a castle built out of an existing lighthouse on a small islet off the coast of Rothnia. The imposing stone structure that stood next to the town of Mägela was ideal for protecting the settlement's residents from attacks. Walls were built around the old lighthouse that had become the main keep of the castle and a drawbridge was constructed to connect it with the mainland.  


The Rahyamin Empire constructed Mägela lighthouse on behalf of local merchants in the year 251 AU. Built from local limestone, the lighthouse's purpose was to guide merchant ships through the straits between the mainland and the nearby archipelago. The original architects behind its creation wanted it to stand as an impressive symbol of their might while also being safe from the raging storms.  


With the start of the civil war and the empire's retreat from Pekkola, the locals feared that an attack on them was imminent. The garrison that had been there to protect them had left them defenceless, and their homes were on the borderlands.   Lembi Nilsohn, a charismatic physician who was known to nearly all, told the people of the lighthouse's strengths. Under his leadership, the townsfolk began work on renovating the place. New palisade walls surrounded the tower and several defensive guard towers were erected. The new gatehouse included a drawbridge that connected the islet to the rest of the settlement.
Founding Date
251 AU — Construction of the lighthouse
279 AU — Conversion into a castle
Parent Location
Ethnicity | Sep 29, 2021

Aeths are an ambitious people who excel at skirmishing and raiding. They are native to woodlands and fertile fields of Aethelland and Lointen


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