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DSM New Moon

The DSM New Moon was a large seabed miner that was formerly owned by the Deepcore Foundation. Put into service on December 6th, 1955; the DSM New Moon would go to selected sites to mine materials from the seabed. Nowadays, however, it's now a wreck; shored up near Port Sinclair and covered in an eternal blizzard. What happened to it remains a mystery, however. Old records obtained from the Frozen Core indicate that, from the last communication had with the ship; they had recovered an artifact of some sort. The ship was discovered in its current state on October 20th, 1963. The strange thing is that no bodies were ever found in the wreckage.   How the ship ended up in the state it's in now is a mystery. Despite several efforts to investigate the wreckage, it has proven impossible due to the blizzard that encompasses the surrounding area, as well as the amount of nuclear radiation in the snow. Those within the Frozen Core speculate that the artifact involved, whatever it was, was what doomed the ship to begin with, though no one is too certain on if that is the case or not.

Power Generation

The ship is powered by a nuclear engine located under the deck of the ship, which had the capacity to power the ship for several years. As long as the generator was kept in the upmost condition and was properly managed day-in and day-out; it would work for as long as the ship was in service. Needless to say, because of the fact the ship is now wrecked, no one has been able to keep the ship in proper condition. Not only that, but people who have investigated the ship themselves have reported that the radioactive material has been leaking from the engine, radiating the area for years to come.


The ship is propelled by four large propellers located on the backside of the ship, with four anchors on all four corners of the ship. Upon being discovered, it was noted that three of the four anchors were covered with heavy amounts of ice; while the last anchor was found embedded into the hull of the ship. The propellers of the ship were torn apart as well, shredded up and bent horribly.

Communication Tools & Systems

The DSM used AEROCELL Communications's specialized radio technology to make long-distance calls between whichever harbor it was stationed at, and the ship itself. The communication system also doubled as a way to track where exactly the ship was. The information obtained from the Frozen Core says that the last signal obtained from the ship before World War III indicated that it was in the Bermuda Triangle region before all communications went down.
Come land or sea, the ocean is ours!
Owning Organization
$525 million
Complement / Crew
54 Crew Members
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
435 TEU | 7395 tons

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Cover image: by Joshua Edwards

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20 Dec, 2020 17:51

Ooo a mystery. I wonder what happened to all the people on board. It must be frustrating that they can't get close enough to really investigate what happened.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
24 Dec, 2020 04:52

I love that you saved the Bermuda Triangle bit for the very end!

31 Dec, 2020 13:45

Creepy! O_O

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
9 Jan, 2021 15:54

Bermuda Triangle! :D My childhoods favourite place, just like USS Eldridge my favorite ship. Your story reminds me of it in a positive way. Though the entire crew was gone. What happened, how did it come to this, when was WWIII?   So many question, so few answers... :D

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