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The Verdict

The Verdict is the final day of Last Judgment and one of the most sacred and important traditions of the Andorian Church. Sermons are served in churches, starting at dawn and ending at dusk. Folks are encourage to arrive to their closest church and beg Rhaan for his forgiveness and swift justice.
According to the Dogma of The Four it is considered a terrible and holy day as it is believed to be a day in which the fate of all mortals is decided. Celebrations of any kind except for birth and Admittance are forbidden.


Starting at dawn, a priest will stand outside of the church to welcome people inside as the highest member of that church will stand at the altar and give the public a collection of sermons regarding law and justice. People who want to atone for their sins dress in mourning clothes and throw dust in their hair, they arrive at the church where a priest of sufficient rank will try to nullify their sins. If a local church does not have a priest with sufficient rank, a proper one will be sent from Ammand or Strathold to serve there for the day.
During the day the clergy will walk from house to house calling the names of all those who confessed during the Days of Judgment, the resolution they received and the judgment that was given to them.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572

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