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The Blazoness

It is said that The Blazoness was the lover of Azorkaratsel when he was still a human; she was the queen of an ancient lost kingdom and the most beautiful women to exist. Knights and tribesmen, kings and commoners, all came from far and wide for a glimpse of her beauty and attempting to impress her; disinterested in inferior men, she posed an impossible challenge:
"For my hand in marriage, I require a regalia as awful as I am beautiful. Bring me a belt from the skulls of five lycans; A goblet that will always be full; A canopy of leaves made of gold; The heart of a basilisk as a pendant; And the skull of the dragon; Do this, and you shall have my everlove."
When Azorkaratsel finished crafting the regalia he presented it to The Blazoness, and she agreed to marry him. He was then emblazoned as her champion inside a pillar of flame. However, the day before their marriage he was given his eight impossible tasks by Eyre, and thus they were never married.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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