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Nezahalom represents the Prime Material Realm as it were without the turbulent presence of the elements. It is comprised of dead gods who were the world itself, such as Be'er Ga'ash.


Nezahalom is comprised of two gigantic rings of land and of water, moving about each other in a fashion resembling a gyroscope; Both grow with the death of a god, their body turning into the rings. The weather and terrain all match unique biomes, with transitory areas existing where they otherwise wouldn't have e.g. transition between polar climate and an arid desert. Any attempt to control the elements is downright impossible; certain spells, including (but not limited to): control flames; fireball; gust; control weather; mold earth; earthquake; shape water; tsunami; will have no effect.

Ecosystem Cycles

Though ponds, lakes, swamps and the like are found all throughout the earth ring, the only ocean shore is in either intersections of it with the water ring. This relationship defines the rest of the ecosystems that all shift accordingly.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Artistic depiction of Nezahalom by Bartholomew Lorewise.
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