Harbin Wester

Townmaster Harbin Wester

Harbin Wester was a Navaran human banker and the founding townmaster of Taldirin. He spent most of his time keeping records for the town and also acted as judge.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Harbin was born the only son of a prosperous banker who lived in Navara. As a child his every whim was indulged and he often treated the family servants poorly. His father was known to be greedy and to have previously cheat his customers. After his father death, young Harbin inherited a vast fortune, but not the business itself, which was taken over by one of his father's competitors.   Despite his vast fortune, Harbin managed to squander it almost completely within several decades. His lavish spending, while taken by some a sign of bad character, has earned him influential friends in the city and the kingdom.   After disclosing his monetary issues to a friend, he was offered the position of townmaster in the remote frontier settlement of Taldirin. While he was conflicted at first, he eventually accepted the offer. Even with his family's fortune nearly depleted, Harbin still had far more coin to his name than any other denizen of the reclaimed town who where mostly working as miners and prospectors. He began loaning money to the local citizens, often at exorbitant rates.   Wester was a controversial figure in Taldirin's history and very little evidence exists to prove he was liked at all. Despite this, most of the early townsfolk are recorded to owe him at least some amount of money, perhaps explaining their tolerance. Harbin died at 67 from a severe heart attack while addressing Taldirin's townsfolk. His death was attributed to poor health and careless dining habits. He left no next of kin. What was left of his fortune was transferred to the keeping of the Taldirin's Townmaster's Hall and all his uncollected debt was voided. Wester's funds proved to be crucial for the continued existence of the town, which had to heavily rely on them after the early battles of the Great Kadian Split and the deposition of Tobias Mallion.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
1150 AC 1217 AC 67 years old
Place of Death
Taldirin (now Old Taldirin)
Tiny, beady bright blue eyes.
Black, short and receding
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
Founded Settlements

Character Portrait image: Harbin Wester


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