Duchy of Arkenvere

The Duchy of Arkenvere is a large rural vassal of the Kingdom of Navara. The duchy encompasses the north-eastern parts of the Roxmore Planes and consists mostly of farmlands that support the duchy's only city and its capital, Torres .


Arkenvere used to be the front of Ader in the days of the Wizards' Trail. During those times it enjoyed prestige and respect, both of which faded quickly following the construction the Great Wall of Vintia, which virtually ceased all commerce as it was centered around martial-logistical needs. When House Verhill captured Vermere, House Drawneald lost its biggest source of income and fell into decline and obscurity shortly after.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
Geopolitical, Duchy
Controlled Territories

Character flag image: by Azgaar


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