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cataloguing book

Cataloguing books are magical codexes used to store and sort various details the scribe wish to keep track of. Cataloguing books are often used by banks, libraries and schools to keep track of statistics, account details and other various objects.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
Cataloguing Book by Kobold Press (Edited)
Item type
Book / Document

Vault of Magic, Kobold Press

Cataloguing Book

Wondrous Item

Rare Requires Attunement

Cataloguing Book by Kobold Press (Edited)

This nondescript book contains statistics and details on various objects. Libraries often use these tomes to assist visitors in finding the knowledge contained within their stacks.   You can use an action to touch the book to an object you wish to catalogue. The book inscribes the object’s name, provided by you, on one of its pages and sketches a rough illustration to accompany the object’s name. If the object is a magic item or otherwise magic-imbued, the book also inscribes the object’s properties. The book becomes magically connected to the object, and its pages denote the object’s current location, provided the object is not protected by nondetection or other magic or antimagic that thwarts divination magic. When you attune to this book, its previously catalogued contents disappear.   Encrypt Book. You can use an action to speak a command word to encrypt the book’s contents, which you and up to ten creatures of your choice can understand. A second command word removes the encryption, returning the text to a language of your choice that you know.   Seek Object. If you and a catalogued object are on the same plane of existence, you can teleport to the object’s location. This property works like the teleport spell, except you teleport only yourself and you treat the object’s location as “very familiar.” Once used, you can’t use this property again until 7 days have passed.

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