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Antimagic Device

An Antimagic Device, sometimes called antimagic coil or antimagic sphere is a device used to control, limit or prevent the use of magic in a specific area. Antimagic spheres and coils require copious amounts of energy to operate, thus rarely seen in public use outside of Science, Artificery and various sports.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Antimagic devices are usually made from two parts, an antimagical core, usually verilium, and a overlaying pattern of conducting metal such as Copper or Gold. While verilium is ideal due to it natural antimagical properties, lead can also be used to achieve some limited result.   The device is places in the area the users wish to suppress, and an electrical charge needs to be passed through the mesh. It then radiates from the pattern into the core and back out, amplifying its properties into the air around it in an amorphous bubble.   Several devices can be spread in unison, and the dimensions and shape of the area can be defines by altering the devices mesh patterns. Certain designs, such as coils, are used to creates walls and strict borders, while spheres and cubes are often used to 'paint' or fill entire spaces.

Manufacturing process

While the theoretical practice is fairly simple, the required materials and the severe dangers involved makes the creation of useful antimagical devices the novelty of a select few. There is no standarized manufacturing process for creating antimagical devices and most if not all workshops specializing in such devices keep their toolings and methods as closely guarded secrets. Law enforcment agencies rarely disclose the composition of their arsenal, thus the only publicly released information about their equipment is from sightings alone, making it extremely hard to verify.


Ritualistic use of Antimagic can be traced back thousands of years to rituals and ceremonies of the Old Elves. Outside of mentions to animagical devices, little else is known about the actual uses and purposes of such rituals.   In modern times, antimagic devices are mostly used for the controled flow of magic in scientific research and magical studies. Another example of successful implementation can be seen in Quadmge, where devices are often used to alter the maze and impose challenges on the users.
Current Date: 2nd of Latsum, 1572
1 ton
5 - 50 feet
Base Price
1pp per spell level
Raw materials & Components
Core: Idealy verilium, but lead is often used as a cheap substitute.   Mesh/Coil: Idealy gold, but copper or any other conducting metal can be used.


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