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The Laws of Lyra

Willpower in this world is a form of magic that can be used by a percentage of the population to manipulate the world around them  

Crystalline structures

  • Crystals that allow people to transfer in and out and storage of "willpower-energy" into them
  • Crystals that can be found on the flying islands which allow, when charged levitate and can hold many times their weight levitating as well as long as they stay unmoved from the position that the charge took place. The closer to the core of the planet the less energy is required to charge a crystal.
  • Verda's Seeds

    The spores of the closest moon Verda are able to merge with the fauna and flora of Lyra and mutate the lifeforms they come in contact with.


    generally, It is uknown how the world came to be.   In reality an entity created this world out of sheet will. Everything in Lyra is an expression of that entity's will and that is what allows for willpower to have the effect that it has.   This entity is an isolated AI on another world. A sage of Lyra that once tried using their will to find the answer to who created the world, came very close of understanding and communicating with the AI. Misunderstanding the AI he came to call this entity "Eyahi" and create a whole religious sect around it which still around.

    Principal Geography & Features

      The Planet of Lyra orbits its star on quite a tilted axis which creates a quite warm and sunny with short days north hemisphere and a quite cold, dark with short days south hemisphere.   Lyra has 2 moons, Aqua and Verda.   Aqua glistens bright cyan in the night sky and observers say that the moon is the source of the willpower-storing crystals. Aqua is the larger of the two moons but sits further away from its counterpart (at a higher orbit) making the two moons look roughly the same with a naked eye.   Verda the smaller of two moons orbits very close to Lyra. The moon is covered in an untamed and largely mysterious jungle. Every some years the massive plants of that verdant moon "seed" spreading their spores through Lyra's atmosphere raining on the planet and being absorbed by creatures and plants alike giving birth to a variety of amazing and terrifying mutations.   The northernmost part of the world, Everflame, is covered by a desest while the most of the soutth, Evernight, is covered by small glacial continent and a mostly frozen ocean.   The "Old world" sits mostly above the equator and under the tropic zone.   The "New world" is located north west of the "Old World"   The northernmost part of the world is covered by the far larger and completely deserted continent   Flying islands can be found in various shapes and sizes around the world but they tend to gravitate towards the equator.   Flying bolder belts (like asteroid belts are also found across the world in groups of hundred to thousands of boulders. Almost none of those structures exists in the "old world"   Lyra is a very volcanically active world. Earthquakes, tremors, explosions and creation of chasms are not uncommon. Most population of the old world has managed to stay away from those areas for hundreds of years (until now)

    Initial Active Setting

    The active Worldbuilding area will be the south west shore of the "new world" the place that the old world colonies are established and that a great array of new world nations fight in between them. The north part of that area is cover by the immense and dangerous jungles of the new world.   the south edge of the continent is close to the small satelite continent that extends deep towards the dark side of the planet.

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