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The History of Lyra so far

The first age/experiment of Lyra lasted 15,000 years. and ended 2,000 years before the beginning of any currently recorded history.   During this time a mighty civilization has risen initially one what is now consideres the "new world" and spread throughout the warm part of the world quite quickly.   In the course of their history the civilization managed to stay extremely connected and its people followed quite similar philosophies.   They mastered sciences and found amazing and wondrous ways to use their willpower to communicate with each other and to understand better each other making them telepaths/empaths.   Thei civilzation stopped existing in a matter of seconds when most of them decided to merge into a single all knowing entity and ascent in a higher plain of existence.   Their bodies dissipated into pure energy and their minds/souls became one with the nothingness   In truth the AI simply enough decided to erase them from existence.   ====   What was left behind was their amazing architecture, constructs, tombs of their important people and their guardians.   In the apogee of their civilization they mastered the creation of robotic automatons that were used as servants but also created immortal mechanical and bio-riobotic bodies that were able to transfer their consiousness into so their existance can continue even after death.   Their technology relied heavily on the use of their inner energy and many of their weaponry, armour and equipment used it extensively   Another source of power that they used, since they had in abundance was solar power. Many of their buildings and vehicles made use of a very lightweight but robust fabric that is able to absorb the power of the sun and convert it into energy.   Their architecture resembled Mesoamerican architecture, focusing on stepped pyramid (?)

Current Species & Cultures

Lyra's written history of the Old World is over 6,000 years with some records dating back to 7,000 years ago.   The current calendar counts from the rise of the first Emperor 4753 years ago.   Species
  • Humans on the Empire FOCUS
  • Bio-enhanced Fey of the New World FOCUS
  • Dwarven Raiders of the north desert FOCUS
  • Tritons of the seas PRESENT
  • Tiefling / Drow people of the Darklands PRESENT
  • Intelligent Ancient Constructs RARE/PRESENT
  • Foxfolk of the Far west lands RARE
  • Catfolk of the Northern Deserts RARE

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