Crater Lake

"Never again can I gaze upon the beauty spots of the Earth and enjoy them as being the finest thing I have ever seen. Crater Lake is above them all."
— Jack London
  Crater Lake, called at times “Deep Blue Lake”, and “Majesty Lake,” is a sacred site to the Cydmianir, who historically attributed the lake to a battle between the sky god Theros and the underworld god Adis. Formed some 7700 cycles ago when the stratovolcano Stahti in south-west Nyria collapsed, Crater Lake is a deep caldera lake. Since no rivers flow into or out of the lake, the fresh waters there are the result of rain and snow; explorers estimate that the water is completely replaced only every 250 cycles.   The lake is 5 by 6 miles (8.0 by 9.7 km) across, with a caldera rim ranging in elevation from 7,000 to 8,000 feet (2,100 to 2,400 m) and an average lake depth of 1,148 feet (350 m). The lake's maximum depth has been measured at 1,949 feet (594 m), which fluctuates slightly as the weather changes   Since the collapse of Mount Stahti due to a volcanic eruption formed Crater Lake, no fish inhabited the lake until the local leader of one of the Cydmianir tribes decided to stock it in 1442 to allow for fishing. Regular stocking continued until 1498, when it was evident that the fish could maintain a stable population without outside interference. Six species of fish were originally stocked, but only two species have survived: ipslin salmon and rainbow trout, with the former being the most plentiful. Fishing in Crater Lake is promoted because the fish species are not indigenous to the lake.   Crater Lake is also known for the "Old Man of the Lake", a full-sized tree which is now a log that has been bobbing vertically in the lake for over a century. The low temperature of the water has slowed the decomposition of the wood, hence its longevity.
Alternative Name(s)
Deep Blue Lake, Majesty Lake
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9 Aug, 2022 16:34

What a beautiful description of what sounds like an amazing place to visit, whether it is meant as an homage to the one(s) in our world or not you have done them great credit. One does wonder, though, Does the Old Man of the Lake move around, or is it mostly confined to one area? And if it is confined (or perhaps moves in a pattern) has anyone ever looked into the mechanism that makes it behave so?

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