Armaroch Bone Flute

The Armaroch bone flute is a form of a musical instrument, mostly used as whistle-like long distance form of communication by most Eledhrim nations.   The flute is carved out of the hollow mandibles of the Armaroch bird. The flutes are most commonly manufactured by the elder members of a family and given to children during their 5th (in some tribes 10th) birthday,   The flute in combination with the amaroch pitch language to communicate across long distances. This is possible due to the extremely high pitched sound of the flute. Most of the notes played by the flute are only audible to the Eledhrim and Deamkin (and other animals that can hear that band of sounds). The lowest register of the flute is barely audible by Anthros under the age of 20 and it is an extremely irritating sound described as " the most horrible mosquito noise you ever heard" and can cause dizziness and in some cases nausea to the point of vomiting.
Item type
Musical Instrument
Current Location
100 - 150 gr
10 - 15 cm
Created for
Spooktober 2021
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This is freaking awesome! I'd love to learn more about the kinds of calls and what they mean!

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