VSS - 2023-02

For February and March 2023. Tweeted story snippets using vssCollab and optional prompts. A * denotes a prompt word.




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  Here I am waiting to visit you again. For the first time in centuries, I’m unable to sit still with the propriety due my station as Inari’s messenger. When did this feeling *begin? Perhaps the seed was planted while on my *heavenly errands.   Will you laugh as I finally *confess after all these years of swearing to bachelorhood? I may not have the *knack anymore to express myself well in these kinds of matters.   With all the conflicting *emotions swirling inside, will I have the *mojo to even tell you? Or will I chicken out yet again?   I’ve watched as you *strive to keep to peace in the backwater town you were assigned to. Despite becoming an adept warrior, you have a *gentle, teasing, and easy going side I haven’t seen in those serving along side you.   When I caught up with you—expecting to *open the conversation, I had to hold my tongue and *give you space to do your duty. You were on the hunt for some *vicious yokai tracking the pathetic humans in your protectorate.   That night I dreamt of you in a shield wall, holding back the tide of oni to protect your little town, and I was *running to save you. The nightmare had the *infernal, clingy tang of a *premonition and I couldn’t shake it.  

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These Very Short Stories (VSS) posted on Twitter relate to my book series the Liminal Chronicles and were written for the month's vssCollab challenge.


Prompts Used

1: begin (vssCollab), heavenly (366FF)
2: confess (vssCollab), knack (inkmine)
3: emotion (vssCollab), mojo (BraveWrite)
4: strive (vssCollab), gentle (BestiaryFebruary)
5: give (vssCollab), vicious (BestiaryFebruary), open (vssMagic)
6: premonition (vssCollab), running (inkmine), infernal (vssmagic)

Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)


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