VSS - 2022-05

Tweeted story snippets using vssCollab and optional #BraveWrite and #vssnature prompts.  

Yasu's Magical Medical Clinic Garden Journal

(continued from April)

  1 - In a fortuitous meeting with Dr. Aya, Yukiko traded hops for 2 woodruff seedlings. We remove the mild toxin before using it in a sweet, psychic-abilities enhancer. She planted the sprouts on the top level of our herb terrace.   2 - When Yukiko looked up from her work, the sun was setting behind her. The sky filled with reds and violets. Mud streaked her cheek, but she couldn’t have been more beautiful, even after twenty-five years together.   3 - I plucked a handful of the pervasive daisy-like chamomile flowers for her evening tea. As I handed her the herbal bouquet, I puckered and tapped my mouth. She usually shoved me away playfully. Today, the world melted as her lips met mine.   4 - When we planted herbs, we always whispered a word of magic to add just a bit more flavor and help them stay fresh longer. It made them best sellers at the markets.


Loss of Self

(continued from April)

  1 - He approached to meet my gaze. Or maybe to search my soul.   “It’s good business,” I said.   “I’m looking for a partner. Do better than that.”   Defiantly, I sipped my gin. I choked. My “No,” came out hoarse, causing injury to my pride.   2 - “Here, I thought we’d hit it off in your club. I’ve done my research. You don’t even take bribes. What kind of host are you, Satou Kazuo?”   How long had it been since I’d heard my real name? Ten years? My glass shattered on the floor.   3 - Snapping to, I hunted for towels to mop up the gin. “What kind of game are you playing, Otsuka-san? If that’s your real name?”   “A direct one. You have backbone and integrity, for a host.” He deftly plucked the glass from the floor.   “You’re not yakuza then?” Yet, I’d seen a hint of the tattoos he sported.   4 - His shrug was so nonchalant, like it didn’t matter one iota. “I live in both the underground and ordinary worlds.”   “Undercover.” Now we were making progress. “Tell me more.”   5 - He spoke of difficulties mashing and balancing the demands of being an undercover agent. But that was the best part of the challenge. When he handed me the business card that started this crazy night, I accepted.   Where would it lead us?


Side of Me No One Knows

1 - I jumped onto the back of my aunt’s tricked out motorcycle that she’d kept pristine from her Peony Tribe bousouzoku biker days. We sped over the highways and through tunnels, wormholes that transported us anywhere but home.   2 - My family hadn’t come to grips with the loss of my brother Taro. And I couldn’t stand another of my parents’ fights.   Our destination wasn’t clear, and I didn’t care. Being on the road with the wind rushing past us was a sanctuary.

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Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)


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