PV-005 Percival

Percival (a.k.a. Percy, Sabre)

2156: Lieben Oracle V1

A transcription from the personal logs of Commodore Earl Rammage.
— NEON Lieben by Sapha Burnell

Four down, time for Mr. Five, Allard. Pour another cup and let's hash this out. What've you found out about PV-005?

Max Allard

This one's a doozy, Sir. Percy, ah, Percival, he's a member of the Pack. A particularly brutal and efficiently violent Assets. Soldier through and through, like he was born for it... eheh... guess he was... Took it on himself to protect the others. Started off just the other Assets, but he'll throw hands if anyone looks at Adelia Fridley or I funny, seems to have a frienemy thing going on with Bestin. If there is going to be a fight, Percival is usually at the centre of it.

That's not right. PV... Percival was meant to be Cillian's junior. He's not supposed to command anything remotely like that, without being ordered.

Don't know what t'tell you, Sir. It's who he is. The big dog in the yard. Like a bouncer or a shark enforcer. Seems t'be second only to Aders, when things get scruffy.

Mental characteristics


None Displayed So Far.


Property of The Conglomerate of Gaia's Asset Program. Currently 'employed' in the CGM Militia.

Mental Trauma

Being set ablaze (Neon Lieben)

Intellectual Characteristics

Cunning, tactical and not opposed to thinking of visceral options.

Takes to protective stances, quiet contemplation & the odd hum. Sings a mean tune in the shower.

Morality & Philosophy

I protect my family. That is all.
  • Altered physiology
  • Superior Sensory Perceptions
  • Tracking Behaviours
  • Berserker
  • Enhanced Muscle Fibres
  • Field Type
    Tactical Infantry
    Psi+. Keep Dark.
    Atlanteans hated Zephyr's wife.
    Danger Co-Efficient
    Alpha-Level. Caution.
Year of Birth
2152 CE 3 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Scientific Experiment
CGM Ithavoll
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
2.45 m
143 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
The Pack

CL-003 Clive
CI-004 Cillian
PV-005 Percival
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WF-009 Wulf
TR-010 Tristram
The Lieben Cycle Book 1: NEON Lieben
Amazon Top 300 Cyberpunk + Genetic Engineering Sci-Fi
"I never thought science fiction could be so beautiful."

AI meets gene-splicers, when the Idless & the Conglom fight to define Lieben and thus, the world. Seven decades later, Aderastos sets the human race against its’ next stage in evolution, if he can survive long enough to rescue his fellows, and Max.

Will Lieben help, or hinder?

The Lieben Cycle Book 2: Emptiness at the Centre
Sequel to the Cyberpunk Bestseller
"I never thought science fiction could be so beautiful."

The walls are closing in on Aderastos and the Assets, in both 2092 and 2156. Will he rediscover their secrets in time to save his fellows, and rectify the chaos in Lieben's world?

Back in 2092, the Conglom's search for Lieben and the Idless increases in tenacity. How did Lieben take the Chernobyl Throne?


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