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Aquatheerdaal (awe-kwa-theer-dahl)

Aquatheerdaal is a cyan-hued mineral used as an energy source in advanced tech, especially in weaponry.   For more on the history of aquatheerdaal, visit Aquatheerdaal: History
Aquatheerdaal, image from the Meergevenis Military Museum in Venks
All artwork by Shanda Nelson unless otherwise stated
  • theerdaala family of minerals
  • typically ranges from light to dark cyan in color, though deeper shades of blue and green are common. May contain iridescent blue and green tarnish. Purple aquatheerdaal is very rare and only found in mines that also have blue amber
  • tetragonal crystals
  • metallic
  • light blue streak
  • 7-8 on Kendrell's Hardness Scale (KHS range is 1-20)
  • found in places once underwater. The most productive mines are ones that also have blue amber.


aquatheerdaal _octo_pendant.png
The Octo-necklace of High Priest Kauthl
Nautical Mueseum in Callour, Alleurs and Meurgeld
~5000 TE
  Aquatheerdaal is a cyan-hued mineral that is found in sedimentary layers of places that were once covered in water. It is typically found with blue amber, though not much study of this connection has taken place due to the restrictions placed on mining it.   It comes in a wide range of blue to green colors, with cyan being the most common. Impurities can run throughout the rock, adding red or purple flecks to the appearance. Far rarer is purple aquatheerdaal. The iron that produces the look interferes with the explosive properties of the mineral, so its use is limited to religious rituals.   It is not heavy and, when shined, can exhibit a beautiful array of sparkling colors.   The mineral is rare and found in mines scattered throughout the Siinder continents, Pelthine and Theyndora. Coastal farmers tilling their fields sometimes stumble upon a bright cyan edge jutting out of the soil, and while a few scattered rocks are discovered, no substantial mineral content comes from these occurrences.   When mixed with certain chemicals, aquatheerdaal produces heat, which, when contained, can take days to dwindle. It can also explode. When used in tech weapons, the color of beams comes from the chemicals mixed with it.   Terrons say it smells like bitter tea sweetened with honey. Humans say that it smells like any other rock until it is used in tech, then can produce anything from a sweet burnt flesh to ashen fruit smell.
For thousands of years, religious leaders have loved the awe-inspiring look, and reserved the more colorful pieces for their jewelry while placing the cyan-colored chunks on their alters to represent a specific, usually water-associated, deity.
Meergevenis of Julve first employed terron lizards to sniff for aquatheerdaal. It has a similar scent to another theerdaala mineral the terrons call hardscale, which is fundamental in creating the secretion that hardens their scales. Every known mine on the Siinder continents, Pelthine and Theyndora were discovered by terrons sniffing for the mineral.
photo Momentmal from Pixabay
Wall of Neevendes Castle destroyed by aquatheerdaal
Neevendes, Julve (modern Ulswen, Meergevenis)
Other theerdaala minerals have similar properties, but none have the destructive capability of aquatheerdaal. Their ability to fuel modern tech is not as great, and researchers are looking at other avenues to underpin technology since the known aquatheerdaal mines are nearly depleted.


  Aquatheerdaal can be a whole rock, broken into bits or ground into a powder. Most military tech uses the powdered form.  
  • Starting around 6000 TE, religious leaders of sea-going cultures claimed aquatheerdaal allowed them to speak to their water-oriented deities. They made altar sculptures for communication purposes while the most important leaders wore shined pieces as a symbol of rank.
  • Due to its rarity, domestic uses were limited to wealthy individuals. They heated water, homes, beds and food by enclosing it in sliss containers and triggering a chemical reaction that produced warmth. Farmers placed sliss containers under tents to protect produce during freezes.
  • Militaries from the Siinder continents, Pelthine and Theyndora used its explosive nature in catapult munitions and canons. Meergevenis of Julve first employed hand-held weapons using the mineral, which produced a destructive beam and decimated enemies and their defenses.
  • Meergevenis-descended modern technology is fueled by aquatheerdaal, and encompasses communications, industry, military, transportation, and everything in between.


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