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Riding Lizards

Mounts of the Silver Elves

Giant lizards in shades of blacks and greens step deftly through the cragged and rocky floors of Káto tunnels. Their tails swish quietly behind them as these behemoths move silently along the paths, the only thing more silent than the lizards is their riders. Dark leather saddles adorn their backs, strips and loops tying the Silver Elf riders to their mounts in case of quick movement or combat. Silent commands lead the lizards as they move in a pack, each measured step silent and quick.   Riding lizards are the preferred mounts of the Silver Elves. Their swift and sure-footed steps make even the most precarious of footing in Káto easy to traverse, often with quick and delicate steps. Their ability to use their heightened vision to see heat signatures at a great distance allows the lizards to circumvent possible enemies and see problems in the path ahead long before their riders can. These animals often move well in packs and once domesticated, are extremely reliable and docile.   Difficult terrain is no issue for these creatures as they can take to the walls and ceilings of the tunnels, keeping perfect balance and continuing to move swiftly. Their strong hind legs give them great defensive capabilities as well as allowing them to jump to great heights and sprint for great lengths. These lizards also have some immunity to a variety of poisons.   Where many creatures in Káto are out to kill, these lizards are trained to be obedient and fearless. Many of the noble houses utilize them as cavalry, but with little war to be seen other than petty house wars, the lizards are often trained for riding along trade routes or for travel across the drow cities.

Basic Information


With their long tails, these lizards can reach incredible lengths, growing to be nearly twenty feet long from nose to tip of tail. Their feet have sticky pads that allow them to stick to whichever surface they choose to walk on and travel quickly on any surface. Their heightened vision allows them to see great distances, often up to 160 feet, while also giving them information about heat signatures in the area.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

While most lizards in Isekai are considered to be extremely intelligent, Riding Lizards are some of the most intelligent lizards in the world, as they can be trained for a variety of jobs, much like dogs or other mounts. These creatures have the uncanny ability to detect danger and will often make decisions about a path without their rider knowing. In this way, Riding Lizards are invaluable in Káto where dangers lurk everywhere.
Riding Lizard
Riding Lizards are commonly used as mounts in Káto by the Silver Elves due to their extreme abilities in climbing, the creature's eyes also grant them heightened vision in the dark tunnels.
Scientific Name
Varanus Varius Káto
50 years
Average Weight
400 lbs
Average Length
20 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Ranges in color from dark greens to black
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities


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