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Dorbek Greybeard

Written by RiverFang

Master Smith Dorbek Greybeard

Another gem falls into place as a Dwarf taps lightly upon it, decorating the metal face of a jeweled case. Six more sit behind him, denoting his day's work as he finishes inlaying the last gem that outlines the shape of a shield. Shining rocks of blues and greens form the rough shape of an emblem, a shield with two crossed hammers. In bits of orange glows a rising sun. Soon these cases will be full of ores and tools, but not until the delicate ornamentation is finished to the standard of the Dwarves.   Dorbek Greybeard has dedicated his life to mining and smithing in the name of the great Dwarven Kingdom, but his calling came in the form of something entirely different. The dwarf with a beard of grey was an adept historian, able to recollect the long history of mining and smithing, much of which the Dwarves had contributed to. He became an expert in his field, a miner, a smith, and a historian, melding his crafts into a single livelihood that would come to benefit all peoples.   The beautiful display cases that he spent his days on would soon become part of the museum of the Dwarven Preservation Corps, a collection of dedication and history proudly assembled by the Dwarves through their great knowledge of mining and smithing. This museum would become one of the most important places in the Dwarven Kingdom, its viewing a requirement of all Dwarves that wished to become master smiths.   Dorbek's dedication to the Dwarven Preservation Corps and its mission would lead to a place on the Historic Council of ASHES. There he would serve decades as expert and master smith, preserving the rich history of the Dwarves' craft.


Family Ties

Date of Birth
23 Fall's Noon, 50 I.M.
Year of Birth
50 IM 350 Years old
Dark gold
Black with streaks of silver
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Character Portrait image: Dorbek Greybeard by Portrait via Portrait Workshop, created by RiverFang


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7 Nov, 2020 13:18

I love the paragraph at the beginning. I wish I could see the box he's working on! :)

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