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Ceratops Caravans

Vehicles of the Great Plains

Written by RiverFang

Dust billows and blooms, shrouding those that travel along the road that weaves through Traveler's Grass, only visible to the tallest of Dinosaurs. The slow lumbering creak of wagon wheels is hushed here, everything too quiet amongst the grass and those that hide in it. Here in the Great Plains, horses, mules, and oxen are not what pulls the carts and caravans into the cities. Masses of green and brown scales, giant wooden carts behind them, are they normal on these dusty roads. Amongst the tall grasses and the lurking dangers, Dinosaurs have many uses, beasts of burden are just one.   The Traveler's Grass of the Great Plains is awe-inspiring, something that induces fear and anxiety as one looks up the towering blades that reach ever skyward. Regular mounts are troublesome at best when the smallest danger that would wander out of the tall grasses would dwarf even the tallest horse and rider. Herbivores and carnivores, all Dinosaurs roam within these grasses. The only choice left for safe travel is to look to the scaled beasts as well.   New wagons and carts are offered to travelers with horses or donkeys, allowing them to continue their passage. Due to the nature of the Great Plains and its creatures, only a Triceratops will suffice to pull great wooden wagons and carts. Their strength and size alone double or even triples the load capacity, allowing merchants and others that use them to travel faster and more efficiently.   Large sums of money are paid to those who travel into the deep grass to raid nests for the next season's crop of Triceratops. Laws are in place to force these hunters to always leave two eggs in the nest for the mothers, but the rest find their way to places like Harkin where they will be trained and cared for as beloved mounts and pets. The Triceratops will learn to pull great carts and wagons with their strength and be rewarded with various foliage for a job well done.
Cera Carts
Horns aplently.
Owning Organization
45 ft
11 ft
20 mph
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
25,000 lbs

Cover image: Technologies Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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