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Housenbund (Ho-sen-bund)

Housenbund is one of Brossals more notorious Quarters, housing many Brothels, Casinos, and Bars.

Necessary Evil

Over the years many of the more "virtuous" citizen of Brossal condemned the existance of Housenbund for various reason but usually because of the easy access to non-committal sexual intercourse.

Why this is of more concern than the overall high murder rate or more troubling than, let's say, the fact that anyone with a few Emporikes can enjoy a broad seletion of Stimulants or Drugs mere Meters away from the Guards, isn't really content of many discussions.


Housenbund is almost like a smaller City within a City, having all that is required to care for its own, as such, it also houses anyone required to run such a Place: Millers, Cooks, Bakers, Brewers, Doctors, and even Lawyers.

What it has in abundance beyond that are those that sell Service, such as Bards and Simple-Singers, mixed with prostitutes of all Colors and Sizes. A Visitor will also find artisans trained in the more covert arts, like Assassins or if the Budget is low, Street thugs not caring who they visit today.


At the top of the Quarters Political Echelons sits Jachemine Foleron alone and rules with a silk-covered iron-fist.

She is supported by a large retinue of advisors that aid in specific decisions like taxation or public health.


The Quarter is surrounded by a thick wall, similar to what shields the City against outside attackers. In a fit of defiance, the Inhabitants of Housenbund have created another Wall inside the Quarter that is half-a-meter higher than that of the City, five meters away from the other one.

Industry & Trade

All that is produced within the Quarter is prduced for the Quarter, there is not much trading or export happening.

Guilds and Factions

The Sovereign of Carnal Pleasures has abolished any sort of Guilds, Factions, and in some cases even religious Groupins. What remains are small "Interestgroups" coordinating Things of trivial Matter.


The buildings are varied in their appearance and floor plan, as many have been built by the inhabitants themselves, which can be anything from a Bank to an Apartment.

Common among them is the use of colored chaulk as facade, ensuring that none one building has the same color as the next.


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