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Jachemine Foleron (Ja-se-mine Fo-ler-o)

Sovereign of Carnal Pleasure Jachemine Foleron

Jachemine Foleron, better known as the Sovereign of Carnal Pleasures, is the (in)famous Orces owner of many dubious Establishments and attributed with more but never convicted for an absurdly long list of Crimes.

Physical Description

Body Features

Even at her age and after her history, she is in prime physical form.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

She always presents herself as the prime of a female Orces, shoving everyone with pleasure that Magic had provided her with.


Her Body and Sexuality were a Tool for the Sovereign of Carnal Pleasure and nothing was prohibited to advance her plans.

She is known to have had countless lovers of all identities and probably physical representations of sexuality, but also had a few partner she shared a deep but fully platonic love with.


Only after climbing to the political top of Housenbund did she see value in education and being well-read.

Most famously did she only learn to be able to write and read at age 40 which started a downright maniac trend of getting educated even within the lowest ranks of workers.

She supported these endeavors by integrating schools into the housing of her Underlings (mostly Prostitutes and Henchmen), establishing the use of the Word "Courtesan" to address those that completed the trainings successfully from those that did not want or weren't able to.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Despite her sizeable register of transgression which are not limited to black-mailing, murder, torture, grand theft, and selling of protected animals, she is most noted for restructuring the political landscape of Housenbund and using her wealth and influence to rise the average quality of living to standards often better than those of normal workers.

Morality & Philosophy

Jachemine did never bother herself with a normal persons morality, everything was allowed if you could get away with it, and if you got caught you did what had to be done to get off the hook, be it murder or selling her own body.


The only person allowed to mistreat her underlings was herself, in a perverted sense that meant, as long as you didn't cause Jachemine to take notice, you could sleep soundly knowing that she would get revenge from whoever stabbed you on your way home.

Personality Characteristics


Jachemine is driven and obsessed with success. It does not matter much to her what she actually works as long as she comes out on top.

Whispered Rumours state that some of the more craftier of her adviser know how to use this against her with great effectiveness.

Likes & Dislikes

She has faible for ruby colored grapes, apparently because it makes most people uncomfortable with how much joy she eats them.

Vices & Personality flaws

Expensive wine, sparkling and not, will probably one day spell her doom. Not an hour passes where she isn't seen holding a silver chalice or gold rimmed glass filled with the finest vintages.


While many Orces have longer and usually a bit scraggy body hair, Jachemine lets herself be trimmed and brushed for at least twenty minutes each morning and night.

Once a year she spends a week at the Baths of Iverbent, enjoying the Sandbaths.


Current Location
Year of Birth
1861 49 Years old
long and braided
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
spotty brown, coloured red with chalk
2.3 meters
95 kilogram
Ruled Locations

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