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The Crimson Cabin

This cabin sits sliently next to an old ruin, in one of the most dangerous forests of the Carmine Valley.

The area

The cabin is a days walk away from the village of Carmine and a small animal trail leads from the cabin to the village.  

The exterior

Many paths lead to the small glade that this cabin rests in. If a visitor were to study the glade in sunlight they would find that the ground has been troughoutly searched. A forgotten sieve leans against one of the trees and a set of small brushes can be found under another.   The cabin is completly windowless and is built out of wood that does not come from this forest. It's Bellay wood commonly found outside of Korda in Valley of The Sun. Only the builders of the cabin knows why local wood hasn't been used when it would have been a lot safe, easier and cheaper.   Next to the entrance sits a pile of kindling and a large wooden log. In the log sits a huge axe that only a dragon can lift. The kindling is cut from local wood.   A rune is carved in each wall and on the door of the cabin. This is a locking spell created by the owner of the cabin.

The interior

There is only one room in this cabin. On one side of the door stands a large cold closet and on the other side is a bookcase that reaches the ceiling. It's full of weird books. On the wall across from the door is a stone fireplace with a pile of kindling next to it. The owners of the cabin try to keep the pile full.   The wall to the left of the door is full of cabinets with different kinds of cutlery and pantries full of food. A large round table stands in the middle of the floor. Most of the time the table is full of maps and diagrams. Across from the wall of cabinets lay a large mattress with a worn blanket and pillow.  
Founding Date
Lodge, Cabin
Parent Location

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