To those faithful to Taria's Order, a soul is something every living being has. It is the vessel of the energy of life, Essence; which binds with ones body and mind. A soul cannot be seen, heard or sensed in any physical way; though followers of Taria thoroughly believe every creature has a soul.  


As the soul houses Essence, this means the soul is the core of one's magic ability. Professor Timbletok of the College of Wonders has studied Magicin great detail and found Essence is indeed the power which spellcasters utilizing to cast spells.  

Death and the Afterlife

Upon one's death, the belief of those who worship under Taria's Order, the essence of the soul is then passed on into the world; in particularly when one is buried or cremated. Their soul is then ascended to the heavenly plane of Lanara where they reside beside Taria; Goddess of Creation.

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