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Upon the coast of the Isle of Appley is the island's capital, which shares it's name. Appley is mostly renowned for its apple industry. The name was inspired by the thick Apple Tree Forest, which many have cultivated into orchards.   This city is packed with workshops, breweries and various other types of industrial buildings to keep the 'Apple Cog' turning. It is said by the local, every citizen of Appley, known as APPLEY_DEMONYM, is part of the 'Big Apple'.  

Appley Castle

Looking upon the city's skyline, the most predominant feature is the Appley Castle as it stands above its surroudings; even the canapoies of the apple trees. Residing there is Lord Vonak Dragonmaul, Duke of Appley. For 13 years, Lord Vonak has overseen the daily politics of the city.  


Decade of Darkness


Location under



The Golden Apple
Located in the UPPER_CLASS_DISTRICT, the Golden Apple is the finest establishment in the city. It is pricey here, particularly for the lower class citizen.
The Twisted Branch
Isaac's Newt Inn

Shops and Stores

Orchard Square Market
The centre of commerce in Appley, the Orchard Square Market is always bustling with merchants and shoppers.
The Gentle Compass
A general store filled with many items and trinkets; often the goto place for traveller to gather items before venturing out.
A newly opened Magic shop, which sells and enchants items at a hefty price.


The Baker's D'Oven
The Guildhouse for the city's Baker's Guild
The Orchard
The home of the Brewer's Guild

Other Places

Appley Castle
The residence of the noble Duke of Appley, Lord Vonak Dragonmaul.
Temple of Taria
The second most popular landmark of the city, which is the home of worship for the followers of Taria's Order.
Avalon's Light
The lighthouse which sits upon the cliffside. The beacon is bright enough to light up most of the city at night. Locals have grown acustom to this, whereas visitors often book the rooms of inns which have either curtains or is not facing the coast.
Sweet Apple Park
This patch of greenery in the urban hub of Appley was traditionally the garden of the Lady of Appley Castle; however Lady Diana Dragonmaul, wife of Lord Vonak Dragonmaul opened this garden for the public to visit.
The Hall of Tomes
The city's royal library, which is the home and storehouse of many books, scrolls and tomes.
Outside of the walls are countless of Orchards which feed the 'Big Apple' machine. One of note is the Jolly Green Orchard, owned by Guildmaster Magnus Headstrong.
Oceanside Harbour
The main port of the city, where many ships dock at.


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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
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Somehow Lord Vonak Dragonmaul sounds like he should be ruling somewhere more scary-sounding, rather than the charming sounding Appley. :D

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Maybe there's more going on which meets the eye ;) ... and which needs to be written haha!

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