IRL, WriterGreg (Gregory Lemon) is a writing and life coach who shares some of his knowledge on his Twitch channel. He was one of the founders of the idea of "mercenaries" in the Game of Tomes as a way to raise money for charity, and has been a constant force of good, both in our community and in the world. He offers writing classes professionally in real life, as well as in the Game of Tomes.

Headmaster Gregory Lemon (a.k.a. WriterGreg) (He/him)

WriterGreg is the Headmaster of the School of Worldcraft and Wordmancy and a broadcaster for the GOT News Network. A former mercenary Literomancer, he is perhaps best known for auctioning his words to the highest bidder, and for being the almost offensively cheerful face of the United States branch of the GoT News Network.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

WriterGreg is a large man with an imposing aura. He has made young children cry with a glance. It took many years and raising his own children to help his kind nature to show through his resting grumpy face.   The literomancy wars have inspired WriterGreg to try to reclaim the health of his youth.

Special abilities

Greg has druidic magic through his literomancy. He is known to be able to shift into grey wolf, bald eagle, and bear forms. His bear form, which is probably his mostly commonly used and has been seen in battle, is that of an inland grizzly bear that is on the large side of the species, as Greg is in his human form. His bald eagle and wolf forms are most often used for scouting.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

WriterGreg fell in love with stories when he discovered a book of Greek myths in his school library. He fell in love with reading when he read the Harry Potter and Little House series to his five children—twice—each. He fell in love with writing when he wrote fiction, an escape from the daily emails and technical documents. He discovered a wild talent as a Literomancer not long before the First Word War, and made his way to the Game of Tomes competition to try his hand at his newly-discovered craft, and seek his fortune.  
A news anchor broadcasting live
WriterGreg on ASC by WriterGreg
As the lead anchor for what was then the ASC News Network, WriterGreg found himself uniquely positioned to keep the world apprised of the situation, especially as the first Tome Zombies began making their appearance at the literomantic tournament that would eventually become the First Word War.   During the War, WriterGreg, being a wild talent literomancer, was unable to flee to any of the Great Houses, not being sure of what sort of reception he would get. Instead, he forged his own path. He took refuge in an abandoned art deco high school. Its solid construction made it a powerful stronghold. He and the ASC News Network were even able to continue their broadcasts uninterrupted until later in the War.   Ever the entrepreneur, WriterGreg collected supplies that were delivered to the different houses, for a price. His supply boxes full of lemons and reputation as a mercenary for hire allowed him to support all the houses willing to pay his price. The members of the houses were willing to pay as they knew WriterGreg to be a patron of Kids Need To Read.  
A smiling man in a sweater and tie sitting in an easy chair
WriterGreg: Zombie PSA by WriterGreg
During the Second Word War, WriterGreg’s efforts grew into The Lemon Company where he continued to provide supplies and supported the valiant soldiers of the various great houses. Others joined “The Lemon Company” and donated their services to whomever could pay the price. He also continued to anchor for what had now become the GOT News Network from the safety of his refuge, except when venturing out where his mercenary's work bade him. He was mildly injured in the Fall of House Tiki, the battle that devastated House Tiki and claimed two of the Hammerheads for the Undead Horde, but escaped relatively unharmed.   After the two wars, WriterGreg took the profits from The Lemon Company and refurbished the abandoned high school to establish the School of Worldcraft and Wordmancy. At this new school, WriterGreg hopes to focus his efforts in raising the next generation of Tome Knights in literomancy.

Gender Identity

Cisgender male




Family Ties

Married, Five Children, One Dog, One Bunny, One Turtle
Lawful Good
Hazel brown, kind, but can freeze over in an instant
Thinning short brown with distinguished graying sides
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair-complexioned (human form), brown, silver-tipped fur (bear form)
6'3" (human), 4' at shoulder & 8.5' upright (bear)
Decreasing (Ask Greg), est. 650 lbs (bear form)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
School of Worldcraft and Wordmancy Logo by WriterGreg
Logo of the Lemon Company by WriterGreg
A weretiger and a werebear guarding a gate in a hillside
Captain James Woodwright and WriterGreg guarding the Warren by Portrait Workshop

Cover image: WriterGreg Broadcasts After the Fall of House Tiki by WriterGreg
Character Portrait image: WriterGreg by WriterGreg, SWW Headmaster


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