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IRL, WriterGreg is a writing and life coach who shares some of his knowledge on his Twitch channel. He was one of the founders of the idea of "mercenaries" in the Game of Tomes as a way to raise money for charity, and has been a constant force of good, both in our community and in the world. He offers writing classes professionally in this "school" in real life, and the link at the bottom of the page will take you to his website.
The School of Worldcraft and Wordmancy is a school that was converted from its original, typical academic purpose by WriterGreg during the Second Word War.


The School of Worldcraft and Wordmancy is divided into departments. Every writer has their own process. Some creative efforts occur before the first draft (outliners) or afterwards (discoverers). Classes focusing on plot, world building, and large scale revisions is in the Worldcraft Department. Smaller scale revisions and editing will be in the Wordmancy Department.  


The Worldcraft Department help students and residents of the school to create the worlds where their stories reside. These classes focus on any activities that happens before the first draft of the fiction. The fields of study within the department includes:
  • Worldbuilding
  • Plot Structure and Outlining
  • Wordmancy

    The Wordmancy Department helps students and residents after their fiction's first draft has been completed. The fields of study within the department includes:
  • Development Editing
  • Line Editing
  • Administrative Offices

    The School's administration offices are located near the main entrance of the school. The offices are open during regular school hours. WriterGreg can usually be found in the offices, except when leading the Study Hall.   The Administration can be reached virtually through the School's Discord Server.

    Public Agenda

    The goal of the School of Worldcraft and Wordmancy is to train a new generation of Literomancers, so that the world is prepared should the Undead Horde return. As part of that work, the School supports Kids Need to Read, a charitable organization that gifts books to underfunded schools and underprivileged kids. They also offer classes on various aspects of the literomantic arts, from the proper use of grammar to instruction in advanced worldbuilding, to writing subtext.   The School of Worldcraft and Wordmancy runs charity drives during the Game of Tomes: Tourney of Tales competitions and any Word War that might come up. These charity drives benefit the real-world charity, Kids Need to Read. Any bits collected during the Game of Tomes streams will be donated to this 501(c)(3) charity.  

    Study Halls

    Students, alumni, and the general public are welcome to join WriterGreg's daily Study Hall, which is held in the Library and virtually Monday-Saturday at 7:30 am to 12 pm Mountain Time, or Erin Righ's Study Hall, which is held in the afternoons/evenings on Tuesdays and Fridays at 2 pm to 4 pm Pacific Time.


    During the First Word War, WriterGreg supplemented his work as an anchor for the ASC News Network by selling his services as a Mercenary literomancer for hire, to raise money for literacy charities. He sought shelter in a school building abandoned during the undead outbreak. He quickly took charge of the school and all who sheltered there. All who were willing to contribute to the new community were welcomed. The 1930's art deco design and solid construction of the building made it a perfect location to establish a school of worldcraft and wordmancy amongst the continuing undead threat. He was inspired by the cooperation of the new community that he sought to gave up his mercenary ways. Any funds from his old mercenary activities go to help the school and its inhabitants.   Others have joined the School to help keep the magic of Worldcraft and Wordmancy alive. They seek to help others with their new magics during the Undead Horde. They are willing to perform worldcraft and wordmancy magics in exchange for money and supplies for the school.   Recently, former The Nite Qing Erin Righ has joined the faculty of the School. This is creating some controversy, as might be expected, and there is some concern over what effect this may have on the educational facility.
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