Opinionated Blade

The Opinionated Blade is a bastard sword by both definitions of the word. Designed as a training aid for one-handed and two-handed fighting the blade is quick to critique the wielder's fighting stance and techniques as well as their personal looks, clothing choices, love life, educational upbringing, and pretty much everything else.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The blade itself is well made and easy to handle in the physical sense, although its verbal abuse leaves it difficult to handle in the emotional sense. It does have a minor capability of autonomy and therefore the ability to improve its wielder's swordfighting capabilities in an actual fight, and yet remains just as likely to sabatage their efforts and then claim the results as proof why its input is a requirement for their success.   To wield this cursed sword is to remain victim to an abusive relationship... And yet its manipulative nature is quite skilled at convincing the wielder of their own ineptness and need of its guidance.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Related Technologies
Related Condition
3 lbs 10 oz
50 in long (38 in blade)
Raw materials & Components
The blade is composed of expertly folded steel, strengthened and sharpened with Metalmancy to maintain a razor sharp edge. The hilt is also steel, wrapped with a simple untreated leather for a comfortable grip.

Cover image: Nature Forest Trees by jplenio


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22 Dec, 2019 18:23

I'm in love with this one. I'd totally love to drop this kind of sword somewhere. xD Awesome.

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22 Dec, 2019 18:29

I would not want to meet this cursed thing in real life, but oh yes, so much story potential here and I love that. <3

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22 Dec, 2019 18:42

A real literal "bastard sword" - excellent :D

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