Here Comes the Inquisition

Here comes the Inquisition
They're marching to your door
If you were smart you wouldn't
Live near here anymore
— children's rhyme


The Inquisitors of the Church of the Heathen Prophet have developed a reputation as cruel enforcers of the arbitrary whims of their Regional Speakers. This is particularly noticeable among the smaller towns and villages away from the thriving cities near the capital. This has manifested in tales of The Inquisition used to keep children in line, which hold minimal sway in the well to do cities around the capital but have a traumatizing effect on children in more heavily targeted villages.   In Here Comes the Inquisition the raw fear of the Inquisitors is evoked in the words advising the listener to flee using language revealing minimal sympathy on the part of the speaker. In families targeted by Inquisitors it is not uncommon for a family member to be taken and simply disappear, never to be seen again, with little to no warning or explanation. Many of those targeted with this poem have lost one if not several family members in this manner, and the rhyme is intended to evoke those same feelings of terror and abandonment.


The poem is particularly popular with bullies. Upon selecting a target who will hopefully become traumatized by the game, the bully and their friends will taunt their victim by following them around while repeatedly reciting this poem. Often the band of bullies will march rather than walk, or in some way imitate the local Inquisitors, for maximum effect. The march of the Inquisitors continues until the bully grows bored or someone steps in to prevent further bullying.


This game of harassment is instigated by a bully, typically with support and participation from their friends. These bully groups are usually led by an individual who directly benefits from the rule of the Heathen Church, likely from a wealthy family or one with influence within the current leadership of the Heathen Church. Their band of followers would include a mix of individuals willing to accept the bully's perceived authority, ranging the gamut from children of similar powerful backgrounds to those whose only major difference from the victim is their acceptance of the bully's authority.   The victims are typically children who are at risk in some way. Those who have seen family members vanish after a run in with Inquisitors, particularly those who have witnessed the arrest of that family member first hand, are particular favorites due to their deep seated trauma surrounding the Inquisition.
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John Rivers
26 Dec, 2019 16:43

Burning is tradition, Headlessness is more! And if you're really lucky, They'll nail you to the door!

26 Dec, 2019 17:45

Something along those lines, yes. At least your family would have a body to bury then.

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