Valdutauni Mausoleums

In the sacred halls of our ancestors, we are reminded why we hold so strong to our ways. Each tomb is a lesson granted to us.   Their greatest feats and their most dire circumstances, all recorded so future generations can venerate and reflect.
— Parisan Elder

Sacred Halls

The Mausoleums of the Parisan are ancient underground structures that were created to not only inter the deceased, but to immortalize lineages and document history. These grand halls are built beneath the estates of families, carved through the Jhoutai Table Coral into long winding corridors leading to massive chambers.   It is within the massive chambers that the dead are enshrined and their stories are compiled on their tombs.
There is a great power to being able to see how your family dealt with their most trying times. That ability is part of what makes us strong as a Kind.
— Parisan

A Dedication to History

Parisan throughout their lives compile important pieces of their lives in their personal journals. These journals are backed up to their families library several times during their lives. When a Parisan passes away, the journal is reopened by a family archivist. Their journal is broken down into the most important lessons, and those lessons are engraved in the Antechambers as part of the funeral rites.

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Notable Rooms

The Antechambers

The Antechambers are dedicated to the documentation of the dead that lay within the primary burial chambers. They are located just before the Burial chamber and are lined with documentation on each occupants greatest trials and victories.  

The Burial Chambers

Where the deceased Parisan are interred and laid to rest. The halls are often decorated using intricate carvings and depicitions of the Parisan who are encapsulated within the walls of the Burial Chamber. The deceased Parisan are encased within the walls of Coral, fused into place by Meta.  

The Corridors

The Corridors of the Mausoleum follow the natural cave systems that reside under Valdutaun, this can lead to an often long and winding pathway before the Antechambers are reached. Often traveling to visit the dead is an adventure that can take hours.

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An amazing entry as always from you guys! I love the fact that it can be so interesting within such a small amount of words! The description combined with the formatting makes this article a blast to read!   As for feedback, it might only be me but I want to learn more about the history of these tombs. When were they first constructed? Who brought up the idea? Are there any major incidents concerning specific mausoleum? It was still an amazing article as always! Congratulations and keep up the great work!

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Those are some great questions! I should certainly add some history behind them.   The history would certainly be tied back to the settling of Valdutan after the Sazashi revolution. I would think as soon as the Parisan took root, the mausoleums would be constructed.

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