Calendar Standards

For every unique combination of utility and celestial body, there exists a calendar to make sense of the passage of time and make scheduling possible.

Each standard exists for its own reasons and has its own history, authors, and use.

The current year is 21156 CS, 13813 GS, 3813 GS, 5939 LSJ

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Primary Systems

Civilization Standard (CS)

Based on the estimated Verin discovery of fire. Used by the Haimarchy and Syndicate.

Days are C-Cycles

All standards measured relative to CS

Liberated Jhoutai Standard (JLS)

The standard Calendar used by the Pact, begins at the end of the Sazashi Revolution

Days are J-Cycles

Begins ~15217 years after the CS

Edenic Standard (ES)

Based on some of the prevalent calendars of Eden. Favored by the Somnacy.

Days are Ed-Days (Eddays)

Begins 17343 years after the CS

Reclamation Standard (RS)

Derived from the start of the Reclamation. Favored by academics.

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