The Tech Clades

Because of the variety of sciences and meta-sciences available in Ethnis, three distinct Clades of technology have emerged.

Classification of Tech Clade is done only the Component level because it is common for any assemblage of technology to incorporate Components of multiple Clades. Because of the hobbyist-driven market, Classification is done from a consumer perspective, and so is typically classified by referring to the Materials a Component is made from.

Techs are specifically complicated technologies, not just simple materials. Pressed metals don’t count as Mecha just like a chunk of bone doesn’t count as Orga. It needs to be something with functionality, such as a microwave (mecha) or a heart (orga). You may convert raw materials like metals, minerals, biomass, and the like into useable Mecha, Meta, and Orga Material respectively with the right stations.



Mecha is the Tech of mechanics, electronics, and other such things. It is the oldest and most wide-spread tech Clade among Humans, and is tied for first for the Verin and Sazashi. It is lauded as being one of the more reliable Clades of Tech, but at a cost of higher production. Mecha performs best in cities, established colonies, and within the hub, where there's always a ready amount of supplies and shops for upgrades and repair.

Raw Materials and Usage

Mecha is utilizes forged, cast, or chemically created materials such plastics, metals, porcelains, and so forth. Examples of Mecha Tech include gravity bikes, Meissner Engines, and Nav Beacons.

Ingame Info

Mecha is Drafted and Crafted with Engineering.




Orga is the Tech of Genestructs, MutOrgs, Biomimicry, and Bioweapons. Among the Clades it's the youngest, but is as widespread as the other two thanks to the modern demand for genetic manipulation, Body Sculpt, and medical enhancement. Modern implements, such as CRISPR Injectors and GeneForge Tables allow people in the field to modify and create Orga Tech with relatively low overhead. Orga performs best on the frontier, where the massive diversity of the creatures from world to world affords plenty of opportunity to find and synthesize new Traits into helpful tools. Because Orga Tech is living, the bearer must keep it fed.

Raw Materials and Usage

Orga utilizes raw complex organic materials such as organs, or synthesized, modified, and manufactured parts. Examples of Orga Tech include living armor, dermal papillae active camouflage, Behemoths, and organ implants.

Ingame Info

Orga is Drafted and Crafted with Biology.




Meta is the Tech of Eidolons, Imbuistry, and Golems. Among the Clades it's the newest for Humanity but tied for oldest for the Verin, who have been using it in some form or another for the last 20 millennia. It takes the most skill to create, but the amount of Material needed to create something useful is lower than with other Tech, and the Materials are easier to refine and synthesize once found. Meta Tech performs well in any place with a regular supply of ambient Metaphysical Energy.

Raw Materials and Usage

Meta utilizes highly-refined gemstones prepared for Meta containment called Casks, as well as refined metals, advanced textiles, and Sentimental Relics. Examples of Meta tech include Meta Lattices, Golems, Wands, and Psiolic armor.

Ingame Info

Meta is Drafted with Divination and Crafted with the Combination.


So many people, planets, and factions in Ethnis. Nothing is evenly distributed, light speed isn't fast enough, and superluminal speeds aren't much better. Technology doesn't disperse evenly. People make things faster than other people can make them safe.

Some fellow on Victoriana publishes plans for a plasma pistol to grenade conversion kit, and three weeks later some Aen kid on Jhoutai accidentally blows out the 45th story of his house by improving on the design. TV networks rush to the spot, half of them trying to turn it to propaganda and the rest just trying to fill space between programs. His story is broadcasted to the stars. The original creator blasts his brains out for having indirectly killed a kid, every faction goes into skirmishes over his property to get the grenade schematic for use in battle, and three weeks later the news report finally hits the news, by which time most of the factions have haphazardly spread their (untested) grenades into the battlefields.

There's too much going on to think. The factions only look like they've got their shit sorted but really there's hundreds of trillions of people and nobody knows what's happening.

All this just to find out the grenades explode the instant you pull the pin.
— Arta Val, engineer
Multiple over time
Access Ubiquitous, the Clades encompass all Tech within Ethnis.

Complexity Primitive to Pivotal, the Clades encompass all Tech within Ethnis.

Utility Total, the Clades encompass all Tech within Ethnis.

Manufacturing Varies from case to case.

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