Spooktober 2021

Oct 3, 2021:

Don't mind me, just doing my writing stretches and using the double Spooktobers as a way to shake out a few corners of lore! As always, you're all welcome over to the Discord to chat about it or ask questions or share music.

This page is a WIP! As are all the articles within. I'm tackling most of this at the end of my day, and am making sure not to overdo it on top of my main projects, such as the Zine and my upcoming novella.

Reminds me of a very freeform Summercamp! It's very chill. I'm being very careful about which edges of the lore I fill out—I'm trying to keep them as adjacent to my current bugbears as possible, so that I'm forced to pin down some of the more fundamental bits of the lore. So far it's doing pretty well for that!

I'm doing WA's Spooktober Challenge! I am also doing Nnie's. Click above or below for more info on each.

Generic article | Oct 13, 2021


Completed Prompts

  1. Moon/Mushroom: Lunar Polyp — I figured, you know, Lunar Mushroom sort of writes itself. This one made me decide to make one of the Moons of Jhoutai function as a giant blacklight. Donut steel.
  2. Omen/Hunt: Mark of Annihilation — Hey here's an omen that you're about to be hunted by a pack of aliens highly efficient in killing! HF;GL!
  3. Blood/Ancient Art: The 4th Panel — Okay I stretched this one a bit, and there's going to be a lot of patron-only stuff on that article later because it turns out an ancient order of spies at the heart of a giant banner is sort of important.
  4. Mist/Memorial:
  5. Hollow/Intriguing:


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