Sonnenrad Thurible

The flame whose light is shadow

The Archive discovered the Sonnenrad Thurible in the center of an ash crater on a dead Jupiter Syndicate colony. The Thurible is brass polished to a golden shine and cool to the touch. A chain attached to the top allows the bearer to wear it on their hip. It is as large as a fist. The body of the thurible is etched with Ancient Germanic and Shejlt symbols, with the most notable being the one on the lid.   Archivists believe that the symbol is a marriage of the German Sonnenrad and the Ethnis Wheel Mandala. It hasn’t been seen anywhere else in the universe. The vents on the lid of the thurible are opened by twisting it. This releases what is classified as the Nachtlicht, a fire whose light is shadow. The lid opens to release what is classified as the Sonnenrad, a black flame which the bearer may control so long as they are playing music.  

Aktion: Nachtlicht

Play a card, toggle the Nachtlicht. When active, the Nachtlicht casts out a 5ft radius of darkness. This darkness spreads with the physics of a light source, so if something is blocking the darkness it does not permeate, or permeates partially.   The Nachtlicht prevents the passage of light and nullifies Thermal Sight and Divination as well as Meta Divination, and Auric Divination. It also imparts the Muffled bonus on Agility checks.   While within the Nachtlicht, the Thurible bearer sees the world as a darkened reflection of itself, a dark plane painted exclusively in the colors of bruises. Black clouds boil like a tumultuous sea flipped upside-down, letting through the flashes of red and purple illuminate this plane. If they look at other people in this world their skin is ashen and their eyes are closed.   All others in the Nachtlicht see only darkness.

Aktion: Sonnenrad

Play a card to release or cage the Sonnenrad. You may only cage the Sonnenrad if it is in the same square as you.   While active, the Sonnenrad is controlled with a perform check on a musical instrument. For the sake of play, Sonnenrad control works the same as an Energy Manipulation, but uses Perform instead. You cannot control Sonnenrad outside the audio range of your instrument. If you fail perform, Sonnenrad leaves audio range, or you lose the thurible, it enters the Lauffeuer state.   The Sonnenrad does 10 Thermal Damage and 2 Burn each round. It emits the Nachtlicht.   The Sonnenrad appears as a serpent of smoke and flame, but because of the nachtlicht is only visible using some forms of divination. It emits a complementary humming to your music.   Sonnenrad cannot be controlled with Energy Manipulation, but it can be extinguished like fire otherwise.


The symbol etched on the lid.

Tech Info

For more info, read: Introduction to Technology  
Meta Property Affinity
Potential(s) Presents a Vectored O2I Terminal Potential of mass conflagration while in its Lauffeuer state.
Tech Clade Meta
Access Unique

Achtung: Lauffeuer!

If the Sonnenrad becomes Lauffeuer you have lost control over it. Each round it will attempt to burn targets in each adjacent square.

If you leave the Lauffeuer untended it will burn until it runs out of fuel, at which point it will retreat back into a burning black coal that you may pick up and put back into the thurible.

To calm the Lauffeuer and draw it back into the Thurible you must play the counter-song to its dirge. The difficulty depends on the count of squares it has spread to.


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