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It took us two days to get to our blind at the top of the Valley's peaks, as I squeezed in tight with Noh-rajh and set up the rifle rest I saw the glint of light out of the corner of my eyes. It flashed a cool blue three times.

"Noh-Rajh." I took pointed out the lights, which repeated the same pattern again.

"That's K'klinth and his spotter, they want to know if we are in position." Noh-rajh answered and reached into his coat pocket. He pulled out what I thought to be a pair of shears and a small booklet of what I swore were paint samples. He tugged out a blue one and set them within one arm of the scissors. He looked through the joint of the device and began closing and opening the scissors in front of his eye.

"Morse or something?" I asked in uncertainty, watching over my rifle as a fast series of red and then pink flashes came back from across the valley.

"They've got eyes on the target." Noh-Rajh continued to watch the blinking series of colored lights. "Angle 20, bottom of valley." He translated the lights before sending a quick double flash of a dull red.

I followed the instruction to a pair of Malisyk scouts dashing between cover at the bottom of the valley. "Taking the one on our right."

Noh-rajh started listing off the elevation and distance, helping me aim while communicating my intentions back to the other sniper pair.

"They are confirming left, send when ready."

Johnny's Account of the first days in the Blood Snow Offensive

Nasyk during their settlement of Dar'ru developed a language spoken with a scissor-shaped mirror. These signals that can travel for miles even in the snow, and can convey complex sentences through a mix of timing and color of the light reflection.

Communication Kit

The Kit for speaking Snowflare is a set of mirror-bladed scissors with a small book of colored filliments that can be inserted to change the reflection color.

Newer users will often carry a translation book that breaks down common combinations of messages.


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