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Sisters of Regret

We are the Sisters of Regret. We know that by snuffing out the Malisyk in it's entirety we only serve to ignite their rebirth from the frustrations of society.

So, we keep them alive. A pained memory like a fresh wound that never closes. Only through our pain do we learn how to keep the Malisyk dead for good.

— Sister of Regret

A clandestine organization, the Sisters of Regret operate behind closed doors to maintain the history and research into the Malisyk's culture of bloodshed, cannibalism, and worship of Murder.

Found by a group of Vodalkyn who suffered under Malisyk rule, they agreed that in order to truely prevent the rebirth of the Malisyk, they must fully understand the lengths they would go to and methods they used to gain their malicious power.

The Sisters of Regret operate a series of blacksites across the old Malisyk lands of Dar’ru. Ancient chambers of nefarious purposes are kept alive and running in order to learn from them as well as learn how to counter them.

This goes directly against the public knowledge of Malisyk strongholds, which have been announced as being completely obliterated. The Sisters of Regret maintain the confidentiality and security of the Malisyk sites, to ensure that the public isn't made aware of the experiments and to prevent panic by citizens who are unwittingly living above such dangerous sites of research and previous atrocities commited in the name of a false god.


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