You were born a Sophont, raised within a Provenance, live within a Banner, and provide for yourself with your Mantle.

What is a Backstory?

A Backstory is comprised of a Sophont, Provenance, Banner, and a Mantle.   Every E.LITE World has different Backstory options, so read closely, choose wisely, and follow any special instructions within. Once you have made your choices you may move onto choosing your Attributes.

You you are done...

When your backstory is complete, you should have the following:
  • 3 Mantras: Sayings your character lives by
  • 4 Abilities: Unique feats which take great effort to use
  • 5 Skills: Capabilities commonly used to achieve goals


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You were born a Sophont, raised within a Provenance, and live within a Banner.
You rely on your Mantle for your livelihood, but it's through the fulfillment of your Mantras that you find inner peace.

I am putting one point into Vitality. Working the mines made all of us tough, but they started calling me Canary because I was the first into any new pit.

I took a shining to the name, so I'll put my second point into Nerve because whenever I get stressed I whistle a pretty song, just like a canary, to keep my mind straight.

— A Player

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