Written by Ademal

There's a place in Ethnis called the Marianiyan territories. Once upon a time there was a man, Marianiyah, who fell into such a state on a nexus of power that his nightmare and pain radiated across the land, corrupting all the meta over it. Over hundreds of years this corruption built up, blotting out the sun and covering the land in tarry, scaley corruption.   More and more it pushed people away from the country's heart, from this nexus, and towards the shore. Sometimes people went back into those lands to see what was there. Each time less returned, each time they came back with more frightening stories.   "There was a breeze without winds... I saw the hills rising and falling, they were breathing!" "...A forest of bodies, trees rising like giant hands or twisted into the shape of people." "We stopped for a drink from the creek. The water was steaming and when we shone a light on it it was blood." "So many eyes, watching us, always."   The land was trying to come to life.   And one day things started wandering into the towns...

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20 Dec, 2018 23:39

Ah, nice and lovecraftian, just the way I like it. "A breeze without winds" is excellent phrasing in my opinion, so good job ^-^   I'd recommend adding a link or tooltip to "the meta" when you get back to expanding/finalizing this one.

21 Dec, 2018 05:57

Oooh you snuck in and found a heavy WIP!   Thank you for reading, though! I definitely will.

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21 Dec, 2018 11:18

Well, gotta check that stream from time to time, one never knows what hidden gems they may uncover ^-^

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