Outsiders describe Ka as avid partakers of hot food, hot heads, hot liquor, and hot climes. Their homeland is largely desert, save for the cacti-forests, and so fraught with caves and canyons that they'll furnish the former and roof over the latter for places to live rather than to hazard the wastes, making those badlands popular places for unsavory characters.   As Ka take great pride in their race's claim of being the chief Brawlers of the world, fist fighting is popular as a sport and as a method of settling disputes. You're likely to spot public fighting rings in all their towns, often with a couple of Ka swinging away at each other over a minor argument or just for fun.   The Ka were the second race of Sazashi the Verin forged. They were designed for much the same purpose as their older sibling the Sighre, albeit at a smaller scale and more sociable. They are one of the most raw forms of expression of the sazakraht-Verin hybridization. They were designed with industry in mind, and as such are tireless workers undaunted by momentous tasks.   At their finest Ka work hard, long hours performing duties their allies cannot. In combat, they tear down defenses with ease - sundering armor and bone alike.   At their worst they are manifestation of Sazakraht fury and power, destroying themselves mentally and physically in order to eviscerate whatever and whoever is in their path. They are destructive forces of nature, reveling in bloodshed and decay.   They are the race to play if you want to work with the group to create opportunity while balancing your engineered primal instincts and destructive nature.


Because Ka are competitive spirits they have taken to settling clan and family disputes with rough and tumble games such as House of Ka, where each group uses their muscle lock to stack and build more impressive structures, Shalegkua, where they brace arms and take turns punching each other in the face until one goes down and, a general popular choice, eating and drinking contests.   An easy way to get free drinks in a Ka tavern is to challenge someone to a duel in the ring that the place invariably has. A good fight is good for business, so long as you put on a good show and don’t send each other to the hospital or grave.
Kajh Bust by Ademal and Redwolfsam
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