Huff. Puff. POW!

Effer is a recreational stimulant drug frequently associated with athletes, nightclubs, and students. It has mild psychoactive properties if taken in larger quantities and is mildly addictive for short periods of time. The most common vector is through inhalation through vapors but can be ingested through soluble pills.



Effer is free trademark, there are countless companies across most Banners. Many companies produce their own spins on Effer: flavoring it, combining it with other drugs, or providing other designer traits such as luminescent vapors.

Most effer brands are given memorable names determined by their effects and strengths, and it is a hidden art to be able to decipher the Effers name by the effects it has.

A trio of theriocephaly guards stood by the door of the club, sharing a hooka among their jackal heads and puffing out plumes of effer that changed color from one to the next.

Psovod's Adventures on Kytheria

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It has little physical withdrawal effects which is one reason why no Banner has been able to schedule it as contraband. Mild headaches or lethargy are the worst effects.


Transporting large quantities of Effer without a license is illegal. Transportation of a personal amount is completely legal.


F-UP, Huffy, Puff-Puff, Saturday Night Shocker, Finals Smoke

A whiff alone told Robert Kiska all he needed to know about the mans pipe: Effer.

Huff! Puff! Pow! The slogan of the largest Effer provider back on the station Robert had served on.

Effer was legal in almost all corners despite attempts by multiple Banners to staunch it. At best it had only ever been lightly regulated, and Robert had confiscated his fair amount of Effer shipments over the legal maximum a single person could carry.

It was hard to hate it, since addiction only lasted a few days, but many athletes had died of hypertension thanks to Effer overdose. It had a quick, entertaining high and improved your reaction times for a few moments, then left your heart rate uncomfortably elevated for a few minutes after.

— Psovod's Adventures on Kytheria

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