The ValuSelu Pact

The ValuSelu Pact is a series of treaties and agreements between the various Sazashi nations of Jhoutai. They are not kept in a single location or format, as there has been many iterations, but each nation maintains a digital archive of copies and recordings of each signed Pact.

There have been many signings over the millenia, with the most recent major signing being a unification of will and purpose during the Bannercasting to declare the ValuSelu Pact as a Banner.

Famous Signings

Declaration of Sophonce

After overthrowing the Ancient Haimarchy the Sazashi Kinds all declared themselves to be Sophont, with full will, full emotional spectrum, and full right to civil liberties and land ownership.

The Division of Lands

An Agreement between the Kinds of Sazashi, signed at Hierophant Palace, which divided the lands of the Amujnalden Region and FalguMer'rh Region up into the nations which persist even to this day.

The 2nd Pact, FalghuTjhon

The Pathogen Response

Which allowed Valuser'rh to send its specialized Rajhska (Religion) into any country to allow them to fight back agains the Glistering Pathogen of the time. This Martial Law continued even after the Pathogen ended, leaving to a global occupation of the ValuSer'ran superpower.

The Akjhe Conspiracy

An agreement between the Kajh-Tai Cluster and Valuser'ran Supremacy allowing Kajh-Tai to run slavery operations and routes through Valuser'ran Corallums, with their protection, to Nege-Tai to kidnap and enslave @hiserabi in return for cheap labor and Quartz from Kajh-Tai.

Delcarations of Self-Governance

When the nations all overthrew the Valuser'ran Supremacy, driving it back to its lands and strengthening their independant governments.

Formation of the ValuSelu Pact Banner

Titular to its signing, all of the Nations of Jhoutai formed an Union in response to the Bannercasting of the Verin Haimarchy.

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