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A mysterious little addition that comes standard with an intergalactically-renown chef

Physical Description

Body Features

Dancer is a short, lithe GearHeart with a feminine curvature. She hides her cybernetic nature very well, only her purple eyes serve as hints to her subrace.

Special abilities

Dancer uses Projections of herself at every chance she gets. She can cast multiple at once and is very adept at using them for tasks in the kitchen and on the dinner room floor.   With her meta abilities, she can serve as an entire supporting staff to Dartesi.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

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Dancer started off life with her future already determined. She was born and genetically raised and convinced to be an escort for Hedonite Clientele.
While she outwardly accepted the job, she was known to the market as the 'Violet Curse.' She was given this name for just how many Clientele hired her and subsequentially perished several months to a year afterward.

She could never be seen at fault for the deaths, it was always an accident, and there was no proof to suggest otherwise.

Dancer was on her twelfth client when her predetermined future gained some chaos. She met a damned good cook.
Vibrant Purple
Shoulder-length black hair
5' 7"
Aligned Organization

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