A being utterly deservant of the title of Sovereign , Suselimel presides over the Verin Haimarchy as its greatest voice and power. It was he who shaped Anchaemo Vanthra's mountains and seas by hand and by will. It he who shapes the universe in accordance to the rhythm of The Wheel.
— Verin prophet
Sovereign Suselimel (X'xsalamel to the Sazashi ) is the current Verin Sovereign. He is merged with a gargantuan, serpentine Leviathan some several thousand feet long, and sits upon a throne carved from mountains and woven from Nege Trees in the most fertile valley of the world.

The Vaunted Son

The fourth son of the fourth son. By the claims of Verin Numerology, Suselimel was destined for greatness. While it could be debated that anticipation pushed him towards fulfilling prophecy, none can argue that he fulfilled all the same. He rose through his family with great power, proving himself proficient in all elements of Metaphysics, as well an incredible diplomat, warrior, and Leviathan pilot. When his family wrested with the others during the Casting of Names, he proved a pivotal role in bringing down their adversaries, slaying several families and eviscerating their Leviathans.

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