Auric Scrubbers

A critical meta-cleaning role in modern society

Written by Barron

Auric Echos and Imprints create a danger akin to poor plumbing or infrastructure. This recurring problem has lead to Imprint and Echo dispelling becoming a public service. "Auric Scrubbers" as they are called are purposed with cleaning the city of these meta signatures so they do not grow powerful enough to build up. Some cities may have squads of Scrubbers that patrol the city streets, cleaning and reporting problems as they see them.   Other larger and more affluent cities may have automated gems that absorb or dispel echoes as they appear. Even with automation, Scrubbers are necessary to maintain the spells. Meta Emergencies are another threat that falls under the Scrubber role. Should a terrible event occur, there can be a harmful fallout past the physical. For example, someone sets off a bomb in a public marketplace, killing hundreds. Not only do you have the physical damage to contend with, but you can have an influx of thousands negative imprints. This can often be enough to spawn dangerous situations in which Scrubbers have to act as first responders to clean.

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Cover image: Hologram Wheel by Ademal


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