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Puffwings are a canine species that lives in the dewdrop peaks. Small, fluffy creatures with large wings, the puffwings serve as loyal protectors of the angels that keep them as pets. They are an incredibly loveable species, and are often a source of joy for those who interact with them. The species is known for companionship, loyalty, and being a little silly sometimes.

Basic Information


The puffwing is a small canine species with short legs, stocky bodies, and large wings. Their fur is a light golden brown colour, with white bellies and undersides. Some have darker fur on their backs, ranging to black. The feathers of their wings are most often are a white or cream colour, and are typically a lighter colour than the fur on their backs.
Each of the puffwing's wings are about twice the length of their bodies. This allows for powered flight without the use of magic, enabling them to travel through the clouds of the biome in which they live. They often use these wings to bundle themselves up when they sleep, and also to provide warmth to their young.

Growth Rate & Stages

When a puffwing is born, their wings are tiny, not even wide enough to extend outwards from their bodies - the feathers on these wings often far too big for them, which can cause discomfort. They do not grow fur until a few days after their birth. Puffwing litters, generally 3-5 puffpups in size, will stay with their parents until they are fully grown. In their infancy, they are entirely dependent on their parents, who teach them how to walk, fly, and find food. Alternatively, angels have been known to raise stray puffpups.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Puffwings are omnivores, with two of their primary sources of food being bubbletrees and cloud worms. This does cause some issues in the homes of angels that choose to use bubbletrees as decorations and adopt puffwings, as the puffwings can often be found chewing on the bark of the trees.
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7-10 years
Average Height
14-17 inches
Average Length
22-26 inches
Average Width
12-16 inches (excluding wingspan)
Average Wingspan
96-104 inches
Geographic Distribution

Behaviour & Psychology

Puffwings are loveable and highly social creatures. They thrive off of interaction with one another, as well as with other species. They are incredibly friendly with these other species, though those they like to make friends with are often confused and alarmed by their bonding. Once they make a bond with someone, they are fierecely loyal and protective of them. Though, most puffwings don't have any bite to their bark.


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