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Leaf Otter

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The leaf otter is an adorable predator native to the kelp forests. These aquatic mammals are named after their wider, leaf-like fur, which allows them to blend in with the kelp around them. This aids in their hunting, as they are able to sneak up on their unsuspecting prey. The species primarily hunts green urchins, sun urchins, ocean centipedes, and blue rockfish, but has also been known to hunt the weaver eel as well. They are incredibly social creatures, hunting in packs and even sharing food. Leaf otter youth have been observed playing with one another, even when not related. The species mates for life, and they birth litters of three to five children at a time.


Leaf otters are on the smaller side, and are themselves prey of the snakeshark and the kelp octopus. They have shorter limbs and webbed feet, and are excellent swimmers. Their ears are small and able to be pinned back against their head, in order to prevent water from entering while they are underwater. Their fur is longer and wider than most other mammals, especially other aquatic mammals, and range from warmer greens to golden yellows in similar colours to the kelp of their habitat.
Average Length
1.5-2 feet
Geographic Distribution

Dietary Needs & Habits

The leaf otter eats about twenty-five percent of its body weight in a day. Though they require air to breathe, the species dives down to the kelp forest floor and can hold its breath to hunt for extended periods of time. When hunting urchins, leaf otters will break off the spikes by smashing rocks against them, to get to the more edible interior.


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