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Blue Rockfish

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The blue rockfish is a small species with a clever form of disguise that lives on the bottom of the sea floor. Native to the kelp forests, this fish gets its name primarily from its rocky shape and texture, and secondarily from the algae that is known to grow on its back.


Blue rockfish are grey in appearance, with an unshapely body that is more geometric than organic. They could easily be mistaken for a small stone, about the size of one's fist, if not for the fins found on either side and the back of the fish. These fins are a similar colour to the sands of the kelp forests, with a speckled texture that does help them blend in - they appear incredibly similar to the skin of a flatfish.


The blue rockfish gets the first part of its name from a species of algae, rockfish moss, that grows exclusively on its back. This moss cleans the rockfish and protects it from infection, in turn obtaining nutrients and a stable place to grow. The algae is also toxic to most other animals, which protects the rockfish from predation, as well as ensuring that the algae's home isn't eaten.
Geographic Distribution

Decorative Fish

The parrotseals of the kelp forests, though incapable of actually eating the blue rockfish due to the algae growing on their bodies, have decided it fashionable to wear blue rockfish atop their heads. They can be found swimming around while carefully balancing these poor fish on top of them, and have been known to carry as many as possible to impress other parrotseals.


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