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Rockfish Moss

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Rockfish moss is a blue-green algae that can be found exclusively growing on the backs of blue rockfish. Despite its name, the species is not actually moss, though vaguely resembles it due to the rock-like appearance of the species which it is symbiotic with. It is native to the kelp forests, where its host fish are found.


Rockfish moss grows in thousands of tiny branching grasses that extend from the skin of the rockfish they grow on. They are blue-green in colour, with each strand having slight variations between greener and bluer hues. This results in patterns that morph slightly with changes in lighting or in light currents. The algae does not dig very deep into the skin of the rockfish, so can be easily detached, though does not stay alive for very long after removal unless a process is undergone to preserve it.

Uses & Byproducts

The colours of rockfish moss, along with their smooth texture, make it a popular choice for flooring among the sapient species in the kelp forests. Rockfish moss flooring is difficult to make and involved a complex process to maintain the vitality of the algae, and floors must be replaced somewhat frequently as the algae begins to die. The species has also been used in clothing or decorations. For the former, the clothes made from rockfish moss generally do not last very long. In the case of the latter, however, dried or salted rockfish moss can last much longer than the species' lifespan. The species can also be used to make a very beautiful aqua dye, used to paint, write, or even to stain stones.
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