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The flatfish is, aptly described by its name, a flat fish native to the kelp forests. It is a prey species, eaten by parrotseals, leaf otters, and kelp octopuses. The species itself is able to subsist on sand, which is conveniently also where it makes its home, burrowing just under the surface to disguise itself from predators - this is where their flat bodies come in handy. The species is generally considered to be uninteresting by the sapient species of Etharai, as it is incredibly common to find in its biome, and mostly just sits around its entire life cycle, aside from mating.


Flatfish are generally about one sixth of their length in height, with eyes atop their heads allowing them to see even when they are buried under the sand. The insides of their mouths are lined with rows of what can vaguely be considered teeth, if one squints and looks the other direction. These triangular fleshy protrusions allow them to grind the sand into smaller, almost microscopic pieces, that they can then digest. Their pectoral fins are wide and flat, and a slightly darker colour than the light tan, spotted, sandy colour of the rest of their skin. Their dorsal fin, however, is incredibly small, its colour matching the rest of the fish. The species does not have scalesl, nor do they have functional ventral fins. Their gills are located on their back, rather than on their sides, to minimize the intake of sand.
Average Height
1-2 inches
Average Length
6-10 inches
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most flatfish are a sandy beige colour, with darker and lighter spots that allow them to blend in with the sandy floor of their biome. However, some are born with a mutation that gives them dark brown skin. Flatfish born with this mutation rarely survive into adulthood.
Geographic Distribution


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