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Sun Urchin

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The sun urchin, native to the kelp forests, is a small seafloor-dewelling species with sharp spikes covering its round centre. The species are a bright golden colour, which is the source of their name, and are used for vibrant dyes and some medicinal applications. The species is inedible to most, though the ocean centipede is capable of eating it, and is its primary predator. The sun urchin eats algae and softer kelps that grow in the kelp forests, using its sharp spines to scrape away its food and direct it into its mouth.

Uses & Byproducts


The sun urchin is used for a myriad of purposes, the most well-known being for paint. Unlike other species of sea urchin, sun urchins regularly shed their spines. These shed spines can then be used to make a vibrant yellow-golden pigment that is very desireable among painters. Paint made from sun urchin spines is highly durable, and can withstand long spans of time exposed to sunlight, UV radiation, and magical Auras without the pigment being very affected. As such, it is great for murals, or for paintings that will be spending a lot of time in the sun.


Though eating sun urchins is toxic to most when raw, their discarded spines, when crushed and treated, contain helpful antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, and can also be used to kill cancerous cells. It is also mildly effective as an anticoagulant. Sun urchin powder has also been used in suplemental vitamins, as it is a source of vitamin D. Some exploratory practices have attempted acupuncture with needles coated in sun urchin powder, though the benefits of these practices are unclear and the practice has yet to be backed by scientific research.
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